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The Truth of Saturn Returning Into Scorpio 2015: Facing The Dark and the Bullshit

Spiritual Awakening seems to be very popular now.  Everywhere you go, everything you seem to see on Facebook and Twitter is related to this “new age hippie.”  Here in Los Angeles, it has even become the latest trend, wearing what seems to be the new fashion trend and becoming the futuristic hippie who attends festivals like, Coachella and the world-famous, Burning Man.  Like any other trend, it will fade and another trend will takes its place faster than it came about.  What makes spirituality so different, it can make a lasting impression on the individual soul who dares to tread in the mystic waters of consciousness that reflects every unconscious and ego loving part of oneself.  Many will look into the reflection and leave quicker than they went home to normal life on Monday after the show.   The spiritual journey comes with a great cost, the loss of ones unconscious rooted identity.   It is only a matter of time until someone plays along the banks to the gateways of truth, until there is a major choice that comes into ones journey.  Will you continue to play in your costume of what is known, or plunge into the depths of the magical journey into the unknown?

The death of the Ego is called, “The Dark Night of the Soul.”  Before reaching such a deep and powerful place in one’s journey, it usually begins with the excitement of reaching the decision to move forward into the spiritual journey.  There is an indescribable feeling of bliss while the ushering in from angels above guide you into destiny.  You can tell you have reached this exciting juncture point because you are reminded of the life force we are all born with.  There is a certain magic that fills the air with every conversation, and with the thoughts that put together genius understandings that only the divine could have helped you with.  What we never hear about is the darkness that comes after.  The true light bearers master the darkness.  When that darkness shows up, and reveals its head out of the water is when you make your decision to stay on the spiritual path or not.


Do you know anyone that wants to face the dark side?  We live in a world that does not even attempt to accept it.  There is a quick fix for everything dark in one’s life, take a pill, think positive, go to that retreat, etc.  There is nothing wrong with shifting the perception back to the light, it is the world we live in, the natural order of life where light does win. The truth that lies behind darkness is just that, truth.  Truth is the day you are at your family members funeral, the day you have experienced the call from the doctor, and the revealing of what has lied deep beneath and behind the problem you have been experiencing.  Truth has beauty in it as well, like the day you realize you are done with a problem and ready to overcome it.  Darkness is not some thing that is out to get you, but the catalyst and necessary ingredient to the light. Our light is stronger the darker we go.

Saturn is on his return back into Scorpio June 15, 2015.  He has been in Sagittarius since December 24 2014 where he does not like to hang out.  Saturn is about bringing the order of the universe he rules to whatever sign he shows up in. Saturn is the so-called, “ruler” of this reality.  We live in a Saturn based world, and in many ways, many don’t see his influence around the world.  This is a world with great universal laws and rules that keep it the way it is.  Of course, chaos can sometimes be the perception of the unaware eye, but when you look at the masterful truth, this reality is structured and manufactured to contain. Since Saturn is the teacher that hits the hard lessons, I have always seen this world as the training wheels or drivers education to true and full-blown free will.  Saturn does rule limits, he also rules growing up, but the most important ruler-ship he owns is, time.  True free will is for another article but take a moment and see if your life is based on the timing of everything? Or, if you really think you control the moment or have the free will to change the time the Sun comes up?  A Saturn world is about the masterpiece you can create of great achievement, because without timing and without structure, you will never see the greatness of the tallest mountain, or the billion of years it takes for a Sun to reach its peak light.

Saturn has always gotten a horrible reputation for being harsh, realistic, depressive, slow, controlling and restrictive.  It is not easy to be the light beings we are and accept these traits.  As sovereign souls, we are built for quite the opposite, light, love, positive optimism, boundless and nonrestrictive borders, and being free to roam anywhere we please.  It might be hard to accept the truth, because in the world we live in today, we repress everything.  For thousand of years we have endured the battle of good and evil.  The evil has been slain and never won, and this is what keeps us going.  Is evil some force that keeps coming back to us for its vengeance?  Or maybe it is evil’s job to burn out our great light and love?  Saturn in Scorpio can be viewed in many fashions.  The typical astrological view has always remained surface to me still.

Instead of spending my time examining the Saturn in Scorpio viewpoint form a classical standard, I am choosing to write this article because I believe what is coming for everyone is a truth that can be hard to reveal.  But with any truth comes the greatest dawning of light ever.  Study the zodiac and you will see that after every water sign comes the fire.  There is a fire to burn bright in all of us, we are all here to burn our brightest and shine in our uniqueness.  What is the truth that is to be revealed?  In all of our lives individually, there will be great Scorpio truths that have to come to a completion.  On the collective consciousness scale, the truth of Saturn himself is revealed.  This is a very weird way of looking at this transit but at the deepest level, I feel that Scorpio is always here to reveal.  Saturn in Scorpio reveals the boundaries we all have between life and death, positive and negative, good and evil and the deepest revealing of the reality we live in, Saturn’s realm.  Saturn is known for eating his own child and cutting off cupids wings.  Reality sure has a way of reminding us some of these truths. Saturn in Scorpio is where the cutting actually happens.


Boundaries separate countries, they separate the line in the sand that defines what is and what isn’t.  Truth has boundary lines, because without the bottom of an issue, we can never see the top.  Saturn in this space can be very harsh because whatever the bottom of an issue is in your life, you are bound to feel it, all the way.  Some have always said that Saturn in Scorpio cuts to the bone, but it is here where we know it is bone that we hit.  We all have to arrive at the core of an issue, we all need to reveal the deepest part of lives in order to reach our most beautiful self.  The roots of a tree are hidden underneath the dirt, some would say it does not look pretty, but it has its own naked quality.  That is why Scorpio rules nudity and sex. In many ways, we all have to find that raw energy of the soul, the naked truth in us all.  An orgasm only comes when you have completely connected with that raw truth, that raw nature, and you have fully embraced the rawest forms of what nature has to give. Whether that rawness is the pheromones between two people, or the rawness of intimacy that trust binds emotionally.

Saturn in Scorpio is not scared to reveal what is necessary in your life to die, that is the whole point.  It is here to reveal what must end, and what new life must come out of it.  The harshest reality that is exposed in all of our lives is the boundary lines of what we can and can’t do.  Saturn in Scorpio is the biggest party pooper transit we can have, he is the police officer that shows up at the party and stops the fun, all because the party is breaking the boundary lines of noise to the next door neighbor.  Saturn in Scorpio has the reign to put an end to what is out of line and what things are crossing over into the wrong areas.  Saturn must keep order and this is where he keeps order to the deepest parts of ourselves that are out of line. Consciously, this is where we all see the crap we keep getting away with, until Saturn shows up in Scorpio and puts an end to whatever was bullshit in your life. I say bullshit, because Scorpio is opposed by the sign of Taurus. Taurus clings onto whatever we find valuable, it also rules hoarding as well.  What bullshit have you been hoarding onto? Saturn in Scorpio likes to cut the stuff you don’t need anymore, and it usually the stuff that we need to let go of anyway, like that anxiety disorder that was hiding forever, the marriage that has no love or intimacy, the business partner that has embezzled for years, and the deep trust issues you have in different places in your life, etc.


The reality we live in has extremely harsh boundaries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the greatest experience of all time.  As Saturn moves into forward motion on August 2, 2015, it will meet up with a harsh but powerful square to Jupiter in Leo.  Jupiter in Leo is the exact opposite of Saturn in Scorpio, it is the overbearing brightness of light and love, the spiritual guru that comes and tells you everything is possible, we live in an infinite universe!  This is what the ancient Greeks called, “The Battle Of The Gods.”  The two biggest planets and the two most fixed and powerful signs making hard angles in the sky.  We will be in for extreme consciousness show.


The point of this transit, and this article, comes down to a very deep realization. We live in a world with extremely harsh truths, the harshest being that we live in a Saturn ruled world where everything does have limits and structures and when you look at the harshest truth, we truly are under some sort of controlled restriction, some sort of higher consciousness of time that rules everything.  Saturn has always ruled the devil card in tarot and has many references to being the devil in the science and stories behind Saturn  It is hard to accept that we are in a Saturn ruled world, some say we are already in hell. The reason why this is actually true but looked at in the wrong way, is because this reality is so slow.  The time we must wait until something becomes real, the timing of our days, the slowness of this reality is what makes it physical and real.  It is only through this reality that we can actually fulfill these stories and lives.  It is actually slow enough for us to experience a beautiful kiss, the 9 months in a womb, and the beauty to watch the sun rise and set.

Our soul is not home.  Our home is infinite, it is full of no limitations and is boundary-less.  If you experience dream life, you will know the realm I speak of.  The reason why life can be so hard, is because of the grips this reality has on you.  The driver’s license required for you to have full permissions is really the passing of this reality.  Without mastering Saturn, and without realizing the Saturn world you live in, you will come back, time and time again.  Achievements only come after breaking ones back for decades at one craft, or lessons we learn after mastering things time and time again.  This is the reality that tests your ability to succeed, your ability to have enough time to figure it out.  When we are on the dark side of the coin is when this time capsule can be its hardest, we feel like we become stuck, we feel like we can’t ever become free. Welcome to Saturn in Scorpio, you must sit in what needs to be changed, the truth of what needs to be revealed in your life.

The good news is Jupiter in Leo is bigger and backed by the Suns ruler-ship.  Jupiter and the Sun together remind us that even though we are in a controlled environment, it is our inner light that will always expand beyond and be backed by the belief of positive energy.  We will always find love and love will always prevail.  That is what this life is about, the battle of dark and light, the battle of living in a world that is so controlled, yet somehow we always find the happiness eventually, we always find our inner light.  This clash between both these planets, is a controlled expansion in your life of the deepest truths that lead to your greatest light being lit.  You have felt it for the last 5 years as Jupiter and Saturn opposed while Pluto and Uranus began their series of squares.  We are all ready for that realization to find the light.

We have begun the greatest journey of our lives.  It is transits like these that get the dreams together.  Without the harsh truth of exposing what is wrong and what must end, we can not truly explore the realms of dreams and love that we desire so much.  Both these signs together combine to make the ultimate passion, the ultimate love and the ultimate struggle for extreme mastery.  You will find it in these times.  The ultimate test is if you have what it takes, being honest about the truth of the reality you live in, and the truth of the darkness you must become aware of within. Most important, is the belief that love and God will always prevail after massive devastation and darkness.  Saturn and Jupiter are about mastering.  This is a masters test.  For those aware, this is the real weeding out of energy that is not of the true light.  This weeds out the false prophets and exposes the ones that have the deepest light buried deep within them.

Saturn will leave Scorpio on September 17, 2015.  This is when we will spend the next two years of Saturn dealing with Sagittarius, the sign of beliefs, knowledge, exploration and philosophy.  No wonder we must spend more time in Scorpio, because after we finally reveal and finish with our most intense transformations of self, we can finally figure where and the hell we are going.  We must be stripped to the bone before we apply the new colors of Sagittarius and the directions that we all believe we can go.  Allow this Saturn in Scorpio transit to be the clearing up you need to get where you really want to go.


So I ask you this, “As you walk into the spiritual awakening process, are you sure you are ready to face the truth?”  I say this, because when Neo in, “The Matrix” took the red pill, he ended up throwing up in his room when he awakened from reality.  As more and more people become awake, this next three months will be the ultimate task to master the awakening process and be exposed to the final masters test of death and rebirth within.  Becoming spiritual is something that will never be popular, because when one truly accepts this great truth, it is the day they enter a world that looks like nothing like the one they entered from.  You will see parts of yourself that you swear up and down is not you.  The veil will be revealed.


Saturn in Scorpio does not accept the fluff as an answer.  It delivers the truths that you probably don’t want to hear, but leads you to where you need to go.  Good Luck, you won’t need it though.

David Palmer

The Leo King

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Born In Newport Beach, Ca, David Palmer is one of the most unique personalities you will ever meet. Based in Hollywood California, David is a television personality and owner of a new age multimedia entertainment tech company that produces daily original content in house music and occult knowledge with the message of positivity, love and inspiration, that is here to change the world.

Currently the CEO of The Leo King, Inc. David owns and operates his new age media tech company with mobile applications, subscription based models, events and digital production. David performs his duties under the alias, “The Leo King.” Whether he is djing at a club, giving an astrology reading, speaking at a festival, or producing daily content, David is the kind of guy that will shock you with the amount of content The Leo King, Inc. produces, daily.

David has given astrology readings to all types of people, including the rich and famous, people who have deep issues they need to overcome and everyone in between including friends, neighbors and family that have simple questions regarding love, relationships and career. David brings a positive and youthful attitude and an explosive and inspiring energy to each individual reading.

As a DJ and Producer, David produces tracks in the house music genre and performs his music at nightclubs and festivals. As a speaker, David has performed at events such as, “Lightning in a Bottle” and much more!

David stars in and produces his own original content, his work includes documentaries, daily horoscopes, specials on occult knowledge, interviews and more. David has appeared on several MTV shows in the past and has since been featured and the top love astrologer on Yahoo!, he has been in the National Enquirer, NPR, People Magazine and on the Style Network, E! television, BET, Fusion TV and ABC.

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