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April 2012 Overview: Moving Forward Into The New Age

Here we are, April 2012!   Earth, Humanity and the Universe as we know it, is about to click into gear.  First gear has been stuck since January, the universe is replacing the clutch (Mars Retrograde in Virgo), the tires, brakes and shocks (Grand Trine in Earth) and we are going to drive our way into the new age!  I almost forgot, the universe also installed the best state of the art GPS (Neptune in Pisces) and a wild new flashy paint job is being drawn out. (Uranus in Aries).  Even the controls are different!  There are new buttons and switches that are simple, yet get the job done right (Pluto in Capricorn).  We are all being upgraded to move into the new age.

Mercury and Mars move forward in motion this April.  Up until this point, 2012 has been about aligning the dawn of the new age.  We prepare to push forward with drive, ambition and a new clarity.  Every individual on the planet is going to experience a radical transformation.  March brought about some great changes internally and built a new foundation in all of us.  Our souls now have a stronger core and a foundation to build on.   We actually start to build on the new foundation this April.

Over the weekend (March 23-24 2012) we all had quite a wake up call.  (The Sun, Uranus, Moon and Mercury came together in Aries) What is it you truly want?  I am sure new ideas, new perspectives and new clarity has filled up your soul, mind and ego.  Going into April, the trails are set, our awareness is illuminating and we anxiously await the exciting changes we all enter this Spring and Summer.

There will be tons of  mystery, suspense, action, fear, change and hope coming this year.  In my view, the great film of the year is the world we live in.  The movie is just about to start and it will be the greatest film of all time!

Earlier, I described the great radical transformation everybody is about to embark.  It sounds cliché but it is true.  Pluto and Uranus square and bring back the vibe from the 1960s, sort of.  The vibe on Earth and the vibe inside of you, is going to bring unexpected change, tension, strain and bring the rebel out of you.  If you think Occupy Wall Street was big, we haven’t seen nothing yet.  This square lasts through 2015.  Internally, we all want to run around with our ego’s radical new ideas,  innovate our identity and become the new people we want.  The problem is we can’t go do what we want without ignoring the huge changes we all need to make.  Responsibility, structure and planning are just some of the things on the list we will face.  This feeling will be at all of our core’s and the core of society as a whole.  We are all facing the classic story of running away from control and wanting to be free.  All of this while pushing our own unique story and watching the structure of control collapse and rebirth itself.

The air will be filled with lot’s of energy.  An electric vibe that literally penetrates all of us and will never leave.  Just like the 60’s generation of hippies, musicians and so forth.  The radical change they experienced has never left them.  The great change we embark, will literally never leave us and will always be a part of who we are.  This is all going down while the biggest mysteries of the universe will be fog that fills all the gaps in between.

This square will affect everyone in their own unique and different way.  It depends on your chart and the placements of planets in your chart.  In my observation, humanity is about to shed the out dated forms of structure, rules and control we live by, while implementing new bright and radical ideas, all based on a new identity as a whole.

Get ready for the start of a new world, a new age and most importantly, a new you.  The, “chasing of empty” as I like to say, is literally coming to an end.  There is a deep purpose we all have and it is more than working 9-5 and watching the super bowl.  These are ways of life you may enjoy but not the true purpose of why you are here.

New ideas, unexpected news and big changes are lining up.  Don’t let fear have its grip on you.  Even when war, hate, jealousy and control run ramped, you will be called upon, to find your core and focus on the love and beauty that truly surrounds you.   That is the message the children of love in the 60’s sent the world.  People will really think it is the end of the world, when that is just a false expectation appearing real.  There will be a point to where  people will actually believe it could happen.   There will be wild weather, war propaganda and government/money problems.  If you find yourself stuck in the grip of fear, remember this blog and the square that is happening.  The world will not end, try to remember this if the time comes.  It is time to answer the calling of the universe.  The horns are blaring and it is time you listened to your gut.

April is the start to what we have all been waiting for.  The most important thing to remember, is we are all coming into the deepest connection possible with our unique soul and the universe’s mysterious powers.   People are coming back together as one,  bringing back the pride we have as humans and unifying with a new identity.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  🙂

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*April 15 (Mars will be direct) is just the start.  Mid-June we start to hear the truth (Jupiter moves into Gemini) but the mystery will still remain…(Jupiter and Neptune square) My next blog is all about cracking open the expansion of truth that is coming to life near you.  I also have lots to talk about with Saturn in Libra and what we should expect this summer!  Stay tuned!

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