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2012: Opening A Portal of Self Awareness and Truth

2012 has been a year of extreme change.  A year for many of us to remember. Although what’s funny is in the system of the world we live in, it seems to be going through the normal and familiar changes of technology, governments and world events.  Even as we had an extreme storm (Hurricane Sandy) on the East Coast that touched people around the world and shocked us in ways that are unthinkable, there is an underlying current of human emotion and feeling that is a rip current of energy swelling inside each one of us.  Humanity as a whole and every individual soul is undergoing the most extreme changes on the inside.

Inside of all of us there seems to be the greatest drama ever taking place.  Our emotional levels are intense and we are testing our inner strength, inner faith and most importantly, we are learning to look inside ourselves for the answers.   As an astrologer I give readings to people around the world every week and can honestly say I am amazed at the beauty of the awakening in each person I connect with.  I too am awakening through each connection with the answers I must find in myself.  Our universe has been bringing us to a very important part of our lives, the time in which we take the veil off of our conscious state and awaken to the power of self.  It has been a long time coming for Earth to reach such a pivotal point.  Mother Earth herself is awakening and evolving in the same manner as we, it is true we are along for quite a ride.

I wanted to write this blog to give my astrological, spiritual and personal belief of what is happening in our current times. In all honesty I am channeling my higher self, nothing more. Speaking of channeling, I was given this gift a while back and did not fully utilize my gift until the last couple of years.  There are many channels who describe getting their knowledge and information from “outside sources.”  After using my channel in all my astrology readings, horoscopes and articles such as this, the answer to where my channel comes from was simple, it was from me.   As we enter this new exciting time in our lives we discover that we all come from source.  This source energy can be called “God” and has many different names.  There was a point in my life when I thought that the information I was channeling came from “outside sources” but that never felt right.  Just look at the term ‘outside source.”  This means it does not come from source.   The reason why I bring this up is because we are in a very confusing time.  People are awakening to their truth and like a baby are coming out of the womb looking for a home or mother to be cared for.  There are tons of different channels out there speaking of their information coming from some “outside source” and the truth is, these sources can be dangerous.  The only truth is within your own self and the connection with source it self.  The only thing we can rely on is the cycles of nature and the intuition of our own selves.

The reason why I became an astrologer was because the connection to spirit was related to the connection of the heavens directly related to us.  Astrology is based on the history of humanity and directly tied into universal science.  In all of my research of the occult, religions, history and science, it is my belief that we are truly in for some excitement on December 21 2012 but the truth is, we must not get confused.  The only guide that one can follow during this transmission from the universe is your own gut.  To be frank, besides my own intuition (which is always right) I use astrology as my other guide.  There are so many stories, shows, gossip and propaganda for this 2012 event.   The plain out truth is nobody knows what will happen and nobody has the answer.  The only thing you can follow is the opening of yourself and to learn that the connection to source can only come through yourself.  We all experience this life in our own unique perspective.  What happens to you on 2012 might not happen to your best friend.  We are all in for our own experience, that is the reason why we are all here, to remember who we are.

The portal of truth is opening.  We are responsible for the changes we make and for the reality we create.  In order for such amazing things to happen we must clear lots of energy from our past and clear out the things that restrict us from reaching our destiny.  I feel that because there is such an amazing road ahead, there is a lot of clearing and new ways to access your spiritual self.  As you look around at the world you have known so well, you might be asking yourself, ” Am I crazy?”   The answer is that you are not. The world we have grown to understand and know does not energetically flow with spirit, nature and the way of the universe.   If you look around at the places, people and events that flow with your vibration you are in the right energy.  If you start looking around at the material world we once knew as a kid, the world disconnected from spirit, it seems to be fading away.  The football games mean nothing, the shoes that have a hole are no big deal, the excitement of the new iPhone is a joke.  We are entering a world where our spirit dictates what is all around us and we have the control to be in the world we want to create.  What does your imagination get excited for?  What is really exciting in this world?

In this coming month we breakthrough our fears, we breakthrough old structures, we breakthrough the barriers that are in between our connection to our higher self and source.   This is a time when it is actually good if your life is not flowing with the old ways, this is because you are transcending and entering the new age.  There is a lot of positive and negative information about the new age.  The truth is we are entering a new time period whether it is spiritual, technological or part of the cycle of our universe. Prepping for this time is something you do on the inside.  By becoming free of the old paradigm you enter into this new age like a new-born baby awakened to the world for the first time.  This new age is bringing us to a world we have no idea what to prep for.  The training wheels are coming off and it is time to live as a soul who follows heart, listens to soul and uses the mind as a teammate and not a prison guard.

It is time for you to face your fears, it is time for extreme change.  Do not fear the truth that bubbles from deep within, accept it and go with the flow.  The truth can only come from deep within right now and when we thought we knew our life, the universe has thrown us the biggest curve ball of all time!  This is the time for us to hit a home run for our truth and to step into the destiny we knew would always arrive.  The more you accept the fact you are not perfect, the more you accept the fact that we all have inner emotions and fears to face, the more you realize that we are coming into a change that will bring about who we really are.  When we become who we really are, we can reach the boundaries of soul and know for certain there is nothing deeper than the fear, anxieties and desires we have deep inside.  This is how we change, this is how we rebirth into our truest desires.

We can not sacrifice for what we do not want anymore.  Now is the time to go into what you truly desire and do what you feel deep inside your soul is right.  What do you want to commit to?  When we enter a zone of real, we are living in what we have always wanted from deep within.  The greatest human trait is to hide the deepest emotional desires and fears one experiences.  This is the portal of change that cuts us down to the grain and brings us the clean slate we deserve.  Every soul deserves to live in true desire and deserves to live without fear.  The only way this will happen is when you stop resisting and release, accept and do not deny the truth.  The truth is that you must have the power, the courage and the deep reserves of energy to propel yourself into this portal.  Do you have the balls?  The ovaries?  These are the times.

I have been told from family, friends and people to come back to reality.  It surprises me to hear this from others that have never experienced the bliss and excitement of the life I have lived.  To be honest, I am here to tell you that your connection to your imagination, your soul and to your infinite heart is FAR more important that the way you handle life in the system that has held you from it.  It gives me honor to represent the world as a dreamer that has made my dreams and heart desires come true.  I feel inside my soul to be a leader of this time period to encourage you not be scared of your dreams but to embrace them, to follow your gut no matter how crazy it may seem and to live in a state of ecstasy that only you can find from within.  There is no “outside source” that can give you this feeling or energy.  There is no “outside source” that can make your dreams happen or the connection of your soul to be dripping in ecstasy.

As we move into this age you must understand that when you are down and go through this intense transformation that the people you reach out to for help and guidance might bring you the tough love of this reality.  In many ways this can be a “reality check” into the reality that you were birthed and have grown up in but the truth is to not forget about the eye on the prize.  I laugh after the last couple weeks of extreme change I have gone through and remember how special I am.  I remember that nobody in this universe has the unique code of what I represent, what energy I possess and the dreams I have accomplished.  It is in this power of self power, self remembrance and love of self that brings you back even after the most powerful spiritual storms we experience.  Sometime it takes a beating from the inside to pick yourself back up and blast your power back into this reality.  It is not about how you blast the power, it is from where you access it.

The power of self is magic, the power of many self-powered souls is where we change our world into something special.  We need each other, we need the love from one another but without the power to embrace your imagination, believe in your dreams, the people who are here to help you can’t.  This is the important aspect of love, we must all light the candle.  Make sure you help your loved ones, your friends and your twin flame but make sure you carry your load.  The load you carry is your self-awareness and your knowledge.  It is your responsibility to awaken, to research and realize this is not the universe you were taught to understand.  The power of the universe is not taught at schools but from your own opening of awareness and knowledge.  Do not be left in the dark.

I leave you with the power of an open mind, the power of self-love and the understanding that you have the power to enter a new reality.  This is a new time in which you connect to the source within you, not from any “outside source.”  It is time to remember your power as an individual leader.  Our humanity needs to bond a collective of powerful leaders, not workers.  It is to hard for me to call myself a “light worker.”  This is a term that strips away your power as a leader, a being and a special soul.  We are all leaders, we are all-powerful beings, let’s start assessing this.

Find the power of the one by accessing the power of YOU.

I can not give you the answer to what will happen to the world on December 21 2012.  Nobody can.  Nobody can tell you how the world will experience this time slot of reality.  When you access universal knowledge make sure it comes from source and not from some “outside source.”  The power of love comes from within you, what you do with that love comes with the power of you.  Can we connect the dots of love throughout humanity?  I believe we can and it takes more than the workers but everyone to join in. For more information or a reading with David please visit

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Nicolette Abbey
Nicolette Abbey
Jul 04, 2022

Beautiful 💖

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