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Astrology is an ancient science that has always been very misunderstood and has often been looked upon in a very confusing manor.  The Leo King has based his whole message of the stars off of bringing a new clarity to this deep and profound subject.  


Connecting to a higher spiritual calling is the core of his message and using the science in its ancient and mysterious ways is another.  David channels the information of the cosmos and brings you a message that will rock your soul.  David has given thousands of personal readings and sold many astrology products and services through his astrology business, "Inclusive Astrology."  David is also the leading daily horoscope on internet boasting tens of thousands of views a day. 


In the media, David is at the forefront of the astrology field being featured on television, magazines and all over the web.  Making astrology hip with the times is another aspect that separates David from the pack.   David has combined new age dance music and other futuristic creative outlets to combine with his astrology to make his message that much more unique. Comedy is another staple of his readings and horoscopes as he uses his Leo charm and laughter to make the message known.


David always puts God first in the horoscope and uses astrology to connect people to God in the highest way.  There is nobody in the universe with more passion and heart for the subject manner, more than The Leo King!

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