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To contact David Lawrence Palmer "The Leo King" about business operations. Contact the offices and speak with Bryan. For Futurelife TV issues, go to the website FutureLife.TV and click help. For HighVibe.TV questions, email

For Business Questions Regarding The Leo King, Inc. High Vibe TV, The TV Studios, Questions regarding The Leo King, please contact


For TV Show, Entertainment opportunities, please speak with Sheila. For press related inquires please call Sheila Conlin. For Reality Show, production meetings, tour planning, and entertainment inquires, and bookings, please call Sheila Conlin. If you are in need of questions regarding personal messages, general questions (not business related) please contact the offices, she will relay them to David.

Talent | Entertainment Manager

Sheila Conlin

The Conlin Company
10866 Washington Blvd., #75
Culver City, CA 90232

Office: (310) 313-9100
Fax:     (310) 579-8773

Mon-Fri:  2:00PM-8:00pm

The Leo King office does not handle app customer service, or assistance. If you have subscription or High Vibe TV issues, please go to and click the Support tab. Or, please email

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Rocked Denver!!! Thank you!! The Leo Kin
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