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The End of Saturn in Scorpio 2015: Unveiling Deep Truths of Sex, Power and the Holy Grail

The End of Saturn in Scorpio 2015: Unveiling Deep Truths of Sex, Power and the Holy Grail

My final thoughts and some deep things to share regarding Saturn leaving Scorpio and how it connected me to a deep past life as Sir Lancelot, mastered my seduction qualities and showed me the darkest sides of myself.

To set the record straight, I was born with Saturn in Scorpio, so this is very personal. This is not an easy place to have a Saturn return, it truly is one of the toughest Saturn returns anyone can deal with. Saturn in Scorpio exposes you to the deepest shadows buried at the bottom of your own personal coffin. It strikes you without any warning. When Saturn is in Libra, the placement right before Saturn in Scorpio, we are all in the Libra realm where striking and pounding come with a final judgement that is handed to you after being placed judgement on. Scorpio has no judgement, it literally takes no prisoners, whether you are from the good or the bad. We have all had to truly see parts of ourselves we never thought we would have to deal with. In many ways, we would have never believed it would be, especially if someone told you this years ago.

The great part of Saturn in Scorpio is the illumination. The only way to be truly illuminated is when we see the darkest parts of who we are and see the contrast to the great light beings we truly are. Scorpio also deals with our sexual side, our seduction qualities and with Saturn here, how do we master it? I have spent the last three years revealing all of my Scorpio sexual traits and learning to master them. I was also born with Mars in Scorpio which is a natural placement for Mars, and rules the sexual side of Mars. Sex is something many people in the world have trouble with. Mastering sex and seduction, believe it or not, is the mastering of your nature to draw in and manifest many things. Without this quality, many people work their butts off and wonder why they didn’t receive anything? I am not saying that seduction is the answer to getting everything you want in this life. What I am saying, it is the ingredient many people think you “must have” the “looks” or be “born” with it. Seduction is something that you work on and have to face your own self-worth and value with. (Taurus is the house that opposes Scorpio). Sex and seduction is one of the many different tests of your self-worth value system inside yourself, and how well you can draw in the things you want in your life. Mastering this realm can be difficult and dangerous if used for the wrong side of things. Trust me when I say this, you should have seen me three years ago, go look at my pictures…mastering your sexual and seductive qualities, is hard work and doesn’t happen in a day, or a week. You are not born with it, you simply learn to be it.


Past live regression have been a very big part of my spiritual journey. I have Scorpio at the bottom of my chart (IC/4th House) which means the past lives go very deep and dark in many ways. I have Mars and Saturn in Scorpio at the bottom of my chart. When I did many regressions, I ended up in every war imaginable. I also discovered I have always been a military leader, and led battles in many lives. Never spent my lives getting married or having kids (Still haven’t figured that one out) because I was always at war battling and leading troops into battle. Death always surrounded me and I spent much time in Egypt as a warrior and have past life remembrance of living in grief after leading people into the battle to die. This is where I ended up following the patterns of Scorpio in my chart, living with the dark, the grief and power that Scorpio holds as well. The greatest past life experience I have is of Sir Lancelot. The quest for the Holy Grail, the failure, the deep intense sexual past of Guinevere, the round table with Arthur, my experience with learning the occult with Merlin. I would say I connected the most through my Camelot journey through Saturn in Scorpio. But most of all, all these part life experiences made me realize I am here to lead people into the right direction this life and I am learning how to master the deep intense nature of who I am. We all are.


Believe it or not, I was able to relive many of these experiences through becoming The Leo King. Re-creating photo shoots and literally experiencing the past life resurgences as Saturn swiped the bottom of my chart in Scorpio. It was the scariest, darkest, and most alone I have ever been. I can say that on the other side of this, I have seen the great power I possess and the care that is necessary to come with it. This is the true test of Saturn in Scorpio, whether or not you have the power or not, the ability to change and transform this world, your life, and see the deepest parts of who you really are. It is a mystical place filled with the occult, filled with the truth, and most importantly, filled with the true power source of yourself. I have attached pictures that were shot of me during this time so I could capture and relive the true essence of my Scorpionic roots.


I will always be on the search for the Holy Grail, what I never realized in my life as Lancelot is that it is inside of you, that God is with you every second, and you need to trust in God for everything. Death is scary and liberating. You find your power through your mastery of your desire, your sexual nature and your passion. I wish you the best as we leave this awesome and yet horrible transit that will make anybody of any stature, age or belief system tremble.  I think it is so important to connect with the deeper roots of who you really are, however mystical it might be,  It it truly a time to wake up. Most people are afraid of the word occult because it describes the unknown.


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