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Reaching Your Greatest Potential: Pluto In Capricorn and the Meaning of 2012

It was 2008.   The world was at the bottom of a steep mountain with nowhere else to look but up.  We start our journey on a road with loose footing, and the daunting task of finding the trail.  It is always a battle starting from the bottom and finding our way to the top.  2008 was the end of aiming high (Pluto in Sagittarius) and the beginning of climbing to the top (where we were aiming.)

Pluto is where the power truly is.  Transformation, is the main goal of wherever Pluto is.  From 1995 – 2008, Pluto spent his time in Sagittarius.  During this period, Pluto transformed our beliefs, brought big ideas to the surface and changed how high we aim.  Sagittarius is where we aim, or at least where we come up with the big idea of where to aim.  Capricorn is quite different. Instead of coming up with the “idea” of where to aim, Capricorn is about actually achieving a goal and making it to the top of the mountain.  With Pluto now at home in Capricorn, (since 2008) and transforming our goals through 2024, we find ourselves on the journey to the top of the mountain.

I have to say, Pluto has not been considered a friend to many.   He digs deep and exposes the truth,  sheds the skin off our lives in order to expose the fresh and the new.  Even though Pluto is the God of the Underworld, his darkness is what actually brings light.  It is hard for us to deal with his unforgiving ways of exposing what needs to die.  Death is not a fun place, the dark is scary in a world full of so much light.  In order to go to heaven as many believe, or to move on to the next life, or transcend to another dimension, we must die to move on to our next journey.   It is in this world of polar opposites that we must chuckle at the irony of such things.

If you take a look around your own life, the world that surrounds you and the drama that surrounds our everyday life, it seems everything is about reaching the top.  Capricorn rules goals, ambitions, career, plans, structure and all the traits of how you reach the top.  Whatever goal it is we have in our lives, we can not reach it without a responsible plan, structure and the ambition to look high and reach the top.  With Pluto here, the world truly is coming up with its big plans and starting the long road upward.  Our own goals are being planned and executed, but at the pace of Capricorn and Pluto.

The Planet Pluto and the sign Capricorn do quite well together.  They create some true magic, or better said, they move mountains.  Both are slow but make long-lasting impacts.  Capricorn is taking the conservative road, making sure you don’t waste away all that you have, so you actually make it to the top.  Pluto takes the longest to go around the Sun, his work does take the longest.  Pluto eats away at us slowly and is usually hard to notice in the short-term. It is the sum of many small changes that create a long-lasting big change!

So, what should we expect to happen during this time period?  I have put lot’s of deep thought into this subject, done lot’s of history and quite frankly have been watching the transit of Pluto very carefully.  I want to start out with the concept: The Power to Control.

Most astrologers use the alignment of 1776.  During this time period, the American revolution begun.  Pluto in Capricorn changes the structure of our world.  Most astrologers agree that Pluto rules government, some believe it is Capricorn.  The Mongolian empire reached its peak in the Pluto in Capricorn transit of the 1200’s.  History shows us great change in the power of control.  The structure of our governments are changed, old plans and structures are deemed old and tired and then killed.  Order is usually changed as well.  To obtain order, we need disorder to rearrange the plans.  History and the present, show us how order is changing.  It was taxation without representation in the 1770’s.  Now we deal with debt and a loss of control with our tax money.  I see big changes happening with how we structure our government, the power of control will reach its peak and a new plan for our nation will come together.

Like I said earlier, Pluto exposes the truth.  The reason for this is the sign of Scorpio, which rules Pluto.  Every Scorpio you know holds trust as one of their most sacred traits.  Scorpio people know a lie before you say it.  Pluto does the same thing.  The governments of the world, the plans, goals and structure in our own lives, are at the mercy of Pluto.  Deceit, lies and the secrets we carry, especially in the areas of control are going to be exposed.  Watch the world, as more lies are exposed and the truth will be told.  Pluto makes small moves but long strides.  Expect small exposures to lead to a big overall exposure of deceit in the name of control.

The most important part of the next 12 years is to stay on your goals.  The higher the ambition, the taller the mountain you will climb.  The universe has aligned all of us to reach as high as we can, especially in this time period.  We all will change through our aspirations.  In many ways, it is our careers that hold the goals in our lives.  One thing I want to add about Capricorn deals with recognition.  We are recognized by who reaches the top of the mountain first, or reaches the “tallest” mountain, or in some cases the “greatest” mountain.  In your life, this means the greater the goal, the greater the recognition, the greater the change.  Pluto is changing the rules, how we reach the top and what the recognition of reaching our benchmarks is.  We will come out of this cycle with a new outlook at what it means to reach the top of the mountain.

With this power you can reach anything you truly want.  The road to the top is unpaved, long and some spots are strenuous.  Capricorn is a serious sign, there are no fun and games in this space.  Responsibility is probably the greatest factor in this period.  We all are not responsible in some part of our life, this period is killing off what does not work anymore.  For the last 200 + years we have been reaching for the benchmarks we set back then.  We have reached that mountain top.  It is time for our world to set new goals, new responsibilities and new control.  A new world order is coming, how it will turn out is completely in the hands of us as a whole.

2012 is really about setting the intentions we want to reach as humanity.  Why do you think 2012 falls on December 21,  zero degree Capricorn?  This aspect is the center of the universe, where Sagittarius and Capricorn meet.  This is where aiming high meets going high.  Where the archer points and where the goat reaches the top.  The universe is a vast energy field of light and dark, positive and negative, yes and no.   We will never reach the end of the universe because after the big bang, the light still travels and never stops.  Since that time, the light has never stopped and we will never out run that light.  It will keep going on and on and we will never catch up.  With all the doom and gloom about 2012, consciously observe that for a moment.  Nothing ends, life keeps going.  Our world is about to change the foundation on what it was built, to finally set the goal of what we are here to do, how high will we reach.  The age of Aquarius is the age of humanity.  2012 is about setting the goals humanity is going to reach.

There are many other factors at play including planets in transit and the conscious awareness that is spreading.  The greatest events always can be described by the simplest of things.  December 21, 2012  is when the Sun moves into Capricorn.  The consciousness, the awareness and how the world expresses itself on that day, is to reach the top and set a goal.  With all the other transits, factors and theories, the astrology is truly that simple.  When you sit and observe everything and become one with the source, it all makes sense.   It is time to look at one another and realize we are in this together.  It is not the car they drive, the bank account balance and the status they have.  It is becoming one and helping everyone out as we journey together to the top.  It is time for you, me and us to each high, make a plan and be responsible.   It is time to journey to the top of mountain and achieve the recognition you truly deserve from God.

As an astrologer I am here to express and interpret what the planets and universe is telling us.  All I want in my life is to get my message to you and inspire you to be hopeful, to be happy and to live your life the way it was intended to, full of love.  Wipe that frown off your chin, take that negative thought and flush it down the toilet.   We are here to journey to the top of the greatest journey ever told.  Get those boots on and keep on marching.  The journey starts today.  The past doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is the plan you make for yourself, and the plan we make together.  If you need me for some direction of what the universe has in store for your journey, reach out to me on my website for a reading

Thank you,

David Palmer

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