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2012 Neptune in Pisces: The Astrology of the Iranian Witch Trials

In February of 1692 when Jupiter was in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces, the Salem Witch trials began. In 2 weeks we will be in the same placements.  On February 2, 2012 Neptune moves into Pisces while we still have the placement of Jupiter in Taurus.  I wonder who is of scrutiny now?  Maybe, website creators?  Country leaders?  Looking back on the witch trials, many people were convicted and executed because of their beliefs and practices.  Religious beliefs were not on the same page and towns used death to judge them.  We now look back to see how wrong this was.  What are we going to scrutinize today?  To one day look back, hundreds of years later and go, oh no!

Maybe Iran is in the picture?  Who really knows?  But the next time you see trials or tribulations of a group of people, ask yourself, if this really is right?  Due to popular demand, we tend to take sides very easily.  Most of the wars we go into, views of spirituality, and in recent decades, the color of your skin are judged and shunned upon.   This is a time to reflect on our history and see how things went.  This synchronicity of Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces coming up. brings this example to surface.

There is a ton of evidence that supports the country of Iran of being an Aries, as well as having an Aries rising.  This to me signals the Uranus in Aries transit occurring now and during the next 5 months of Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces.  I feel as if Iran is on trial and we are witnessing a similar parallel.   I personally have my own views of what is happening with relations between USA – Israel  – Iran, but this in not a article about those.

It has been a long time coming since we had this alignment, the last time was in 1857.  We had The Panic of 1857, setting off one of the most severe economic crises in U.S. history. (Sounds familiar?) I have a feeling the Euro will be part of the next 5 months as well.  Maybe a worldwide panic as countries in the Euro may succeed.   The reasons I bring up countries not getting along, is because the last time we had these alignments, The United States was setting the domino’s up for collapse in the dawn of a Civil War.

In 1858 when Jupiter moved into Gemini a man by the name of Abraham Lincoln accepted the Republican Party nomination for a seat in the US Senate, delivering his “House Divided” speech in Springfield, Illinois.  It would be that year he would enter in the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  A seven debate series debating for control of the Illinois Legislature.  (How interesting that Newt Gingrich is challenging Obama in a series of debates).  2 years later as Jupiter Moved into Cancer and Leo, He would win the nomination as President of the United States and be the first Republican president.  A year later, the country would be in Civil War.

My point is, in the state we are in, the alignment of the astrology over the next couple years, we need to keep our minds, eyes, and ears open.  Look at the parallels of what is happening now.

1. Iran on trial for developing Nuclear energy, just like pretty much any other major county.  This is sparking hate from different parts of the world and causing tensions in the Middle East.

2. The financial crisis around the world.  The Euro is affecting the USA in a dramatic way, look how the crises was last time we had this alignment.  USA seems like it will sustain.  March 14th 2012 is a Grand Trine and I think this will boost the US economy in a large way, or do completely the opposite.

3. The country divided.  Everything from religion, gay rights, Democrat or Republican. Rich or Poor.  This division is tearing us apart and if we do not fix this we are headed down the same road as 1861.

4. My last blog goes into depth about the other transits that are parallel.

This is a great time of new connections, especially with our intuitions and connecting with the universe.  I picked these transits out because they do not come all the time.  I wanted to shed light on what happened the last 2 times we were in this placement.

Thank you for reading, for more information on my astrology, please visit: and Follow me on twitter for astrology posts etc.

Side Note:

January 23 2012 Mars goes retrograde in Virgo.  The speed will slow down, your courage will be tested, and most important, your life will be re organized…in a way it hasn’t for a long time.  The dust and scraps under rug are being cleaned…be ready.  This will be for 3 months, when you feel like you don’t have the energy, take a seat and muster up the courage from within and know that this is almost over.

February 2 2012 Neptune moves into Pisces.  Observe the new change that surrounds you, most likely your 6th sense will sharpen and your intuition will help guide the way.  Listen more to your gut, tune out the noise in your head.

March 14 2012 Get ready for a major shift.  A grand trine with Mars in Virgo trining Jupiter and Venus Conjunct in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.  All happening at 9 degrees.  I will write a separate article on this event.  Mark your calender.  This will be a positive shift that will make things happen.  Manifest what you want now!

David Palmer

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Susann Drake
Susann Drake
Oct 09, 2023

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